A range of bikes is available for every kind of trail.

  • Trekking: male and female models, 21 gears, 28” wheel, adjustable front suspended fork, with block, rear rack. Designed for those who want to cycle on secondary trails on asphalt paths or short dirt roads. Ideal for medium distances up to 60 km (37mi) MTB: unisex model, 24 gears, 26” wheel, adjustable front suspended fork, optional rear rack. Designed for who wants to ride through the uncontaminated nature of the lame area or trails that go up to the hills and for those who wants to cycle along the coast through natural paths, between the dunes and the sea.
  • City Bike: only female model, 18 gears, 26” wheel, non-suspended fork, with rear rack and optional front/rear child carrier. Strong and solid this bike results very comfortable on every kind of path, without excluding the comfort of a good seat and an easy ride.
  • MTB for teenagers: unisex model, 21 gear, 24” wheel, non-suspended fork, water flask holder and kickstand. Designed for 10-13 year old teenagers that are willing to enjoy medium-long distance.
  • MTB for kids: unisex model, 7 gears, 20” wheels, front suspended fork, water flask holder and kickstand. Designed for 6-10 year old kids that are able to cycle without training wheels and that are joining for the first time a group of cyclists.
  • Hand bike: It’s a special bike which moves by hand-crank operated by cyclist’s arms. Designed for those who can’t cycle or need a confortable seat and has no difficulties when using arms. Bike is provided with racing bike wheels, 2 rear and 1 front wheel, ideal for half day tours in the Park area.