They are more than partners, we consider them real friends. Work in sinergy is not the only thing we share with them, principles inspiring our activities and the idea to promote the territory with an authentic approach, with people that know the places and are able to breath new life into stories and emotions from the past. Our partners are all bike friendly, they certainly believe that this is the only sustainable veichle to proper vist the park.

Masseria Salinola

Two kind owners, Daniele and Miriam, are working to make their guests feel at home, treating them as long time friends, suggesting best activities and experiences to make unique their holidays. From the masseria, once a week, a bike tour is planned just for their guests, coming back they will find an amazing drink made with mint and almonds milk waiting for them, to drink under the shadow of a carob tree.

Masseria Salamina

Miccolis Angelini family welcomes guests in a delightful house from 1600. High quality customer service meets Filippo, Chiara and Laura’s cordiality that, with the help of great agrichefs, transform simple and traditional recipes into culinary discoveries. Workshops in the kitchen with local homemade food will make your vacation very tasty.

Masseria il Frantoio

probably this is the masseria that most rappresents apulian charme: elegance, sustainability, attention to details and high quality are the features that make special this place. A wide range of rosolio liquors made with local aromatic herbs, organic extra virign olive oil and lots of marmelades are their unique products.

Masseria Fontenuova

Here the time seems to be stopped at first industrial revolution. The farm breeds local cows and sheeps that bring fresh and seasoned cheese, following ancient recipes and the rythm of the nature. Semplicity in Manelli’s family is the most authentic experience for visitors that can admire this landscape from the terrace of the masseria.

Masseria Brancati

In less than one hundred steps it includes more than two thousand years of history. Hypogeum mill still preserve memories about processing olives with roman and even more ancient stone presses, a very old mill and lots of ditches to collect all the oil they can avoiding any waste. The monumental olive grove that surrounds the masseria has an outstanding guest: the “ Grand Old” as Corrado the owner use to call it. It is a three thousand old tree, laying on a stone tower to sustain branches. Rare and suggestive, three times twisted on itself. A unique place where time has stopped to wait for us.

Masseria Carparelli

The masseria is a well maintained accomodation from 1800s, with a huge centenary olive grove that sorrounds the farm and with architectural elements reminding to the ancient olive oil production. Through a stair going under the floor is possibile to visit an old tank used for oil to decant in the past and now designated for a wine cellar that stores local wines offered in the restaurant. Elegance, attention to details, passion for horse breeding and respect of the territory rappresent the best value of this place.

Azienda agricola Pantaleo

Luisa carries the family company forward with enthusiasm and passion, turning it in a laboratory to discoverold farming traditions. Also for this she became one of the big producers of Regina tomato, an ancient storage variety cultivated during summer time with very little water to be eaten during winter time. In the shop is possible to learn more about “ramasola” art, an old technique to tie tomatoes to be hung and stored.

Il Pilone camping

One of the longest-living accomodations in the area, iit is able every year to preserve its natural charme achieved with the staff’s dedication and care that surprise guests with sustainability actions like local plants reintroduction, setup of infographics panels and useful collaboration for preserving and monitoring natural environments on the coast and hinterland.

Lido Stella

Immersed in centenary junipers, this place offers several options for all kind of swimmers: the beach has free access with high quality restoration and relax facilities, with a special care for beach cleaning. Inside is also available a guarded bike park.

Lido Morelli

Gallo’s family that manages the beach is a river fisherman family since five generation but still runs this lido according to the ospitality priciples typical of Puglia. Other than facilities for swimmers, the family is involved in different projects developed on the wetlands behind the beach. During winter Gallo’s family provides maintanance all around wetlands so the place will be available for free to visitors all the whole year.

Cantina i Pastini

Carparelli’s family is the owner of this young winery placed into the vineyards at the feet of Locorotondo. In the last years the family is focused on rediscovering old local grapes and wine making in purity. The whole process is on sight as the wineyards are, most of them, around the winery.
Machines and tanks provided with last technologies guarantee the real traditional taste to one of the most rappresentative culinary products of the area.

Coop Gaia

The cooperative is working since years in the Coastal Dunes Park and around all Puglia, offering trekking escursions and workshops for kids and adults. High professional guides, knowledge of languages and love for the territory will make every tour pleasant and interesting.

Coop. Serapia

The cooperative works in Puglia from the Adriatic to Jonian sea, passing through Itria Valley and Gravina, being involved in sustainable tourism, escursionism and environmental education, scientific research and advice.
Their mission is to promote an armonic relation between human activities and the territory, the environment and the economy, the skills and the culture,, offering experiences focused on awareness and promotion of the naturalistic , historyc and artistic aspects of the country.