Extra Virgin Tour

//Extra Virgin Tour

Starting out from Montalbano we’ll reach the olive grove plain and the ancient Traiana road that in the past connected Rome to Brindisi and today links Fasano and Ostuni with an paved cycling path, with hardly any traffic, full of spots of interest that describe what rural life used to be like. During the tour we explain the history of the olive oil, from cultivation to harvest of olives describing the different production methods depending from on its final use: from the lamp oil to the high quality extra virgin we’ll tell you about the history and the passion developed over the centuries, always in tight connection with the local community. On the trail we will visit an hypogeum oil mill with old millstone and presses, a  fortified masseria farmhouse, a modern mill and a centenary olive tree. Is possible to arrange an extra virgin olive oil tastings.

Tour Details

  • Total Km 10
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Price 30€
  • Tasting Available

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