The beauty of Puglia lies in its variety and Brindisi is one of a kind. To allow you to enjoy all this we put most of the spots of interest in our itineraries that avoid congested roads, riding on secondary paths mainly used by cyclists and farmers, who respect speed limits allowing you to enjoy the peculiarities of the country. In Brindisi we’ll be cycling through history: from messapians to romans, from templars to svevians, everything around is an evidence of the crucial role this small city had in the past, the Roman Empire declare it the city-port of Rome and terminal point of two important routes like the Appian road and the Trajan road and is still included in the via Francigena trail. For cruisers arriving in town this is an easy way to discover the city and learn hidden secrets in the old district.

Besides the sea, farming is the other natural vocation of the northern Salento area; oil, wine, vegetables and fruits have always been among the best culinary delights that the territory has to offer. There is a wide range of local food  that’s appreciated all over the world: “Fiaschetto” tomatoes from Torre Guaceto or “Regina” tomatoes from Torre Canne, both certified by the Slow Food Network, the organic olive oil made from centenary olive trees, wine which is made with ancient varieties of grapes; red wines if produced in the Brindisi area, sparkling white wine if produced on the hills of the Itria Valley. Our goal is to promote the  people and places that have preserved traditions and know-how that make this area such a unique place.

Our headquarter is located in the Regional Natural  Park  “Dune Costiere”, in a former restored road inspector’s house celebrated as the first AlbergaBici in ltaly. located on the S.S.16 route on the boundary line between Ostuni and Fasano, it can easily be reached by guests staying in the ltria Valley that want to reach the Adriatic sea and the amazing sand coast between Torre Canne and Torre San Leonardo. The Natural Park Dune Costiere lies in the olive tree grove plain the area is crossed by several hollows that dig grooves called “lame”,  these places are full of history and biodiversity. Many  fortified masserias hide inside hypogeum oil mills and ancient legends, everyday all their knowledge is served through their local products. Many farmhouses are ready to open their doors and to show all the passion they put into cultivating this soil following the territory’s natural vocation and make you ambassadors of ancient traditions that supported by new technologies guarantee high quality products. Farmhouses that we visit strictly follow sustainability values against mass production, in harmony with nature’s times and respectful of the territory. From wheat to wine, from olive oil to cheese, from fruits to vegetables we only visit farmhouses that stick to sustainability rules. Tours inside the Park are on minor roads lined by drywalls stone and this makes the trail really safe and perfect for families with children or adults that want to easily enjoy the colors and the sounds of nature. There’s also the chance to organize food and wine tastings, theme events and workshops.

The Itria Valley covers areas of Brindisi, Bari and Taranto. It was originally formed by Cisternino, Locorotondo and Martina Franca later Ceglie Messapica, Ostuni and Alberobello were included. The area is distingueshed by several small streets and cattle tracks that link the numerous hamlets to the masserias and vineyards spread all over the territory. Many culinary farms are located here, where wine and cheese production is a priority. The tours we offer in this area, also known as the “Murgia dei Trulli”, focus on local culinary delights and allow you to discover hidden villages, wine and cheese productions where you can to taste mozzarella, burrata e scamorza made following ancient traditions.