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Do you want to visit the Parco delle Dune Costerie or Brindisi by yourself? Or maybe you’ve already visited the park but now you don’t want to be restricted by time? Do you need flexibility but don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to discover Puglia by bike?

The Self Guided Tours are ideal for those who want to enjoy the entire day cycling in a beautiful area without the risk of traffic from cars and buses. With the asked Guided Tours you can have an adventure that lasts all day, safe in the knowledge that a Madera tour guide is only a call away in case you require assistance.

At the moment, you can rent a bike, with a map included, or a link to Google maps already loaded with an itinerary you can follow, a safety helmet, and an emergency repair kit in case of any punctures. Of course we will also give you our contact number should you need any emergency help.

The Self Guide Tour takes you across various beautiful locations. From being surrounded by trees right up to the coast and sea. Do you want to combine food and wine tasting with the back drop of nature? You can book a tasting session sampling various local products or we can provide a packed lunch filled with organic food and snacks from the Parco Delle Dune Costerie.

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